Lodi Sweater - Sewing Pattern

This is an online generated sewing pattern, tailored according to your real body measurements.
A standard size can be selected to start with, and each body measurement can then be adapted by you.

After purchasing the pattern, the link to generate the sewing pattern will be sent to you.
The pattern can be generated in 5 different sizes per licence.
Part number: 03890.001
€6.00 incl tax per piece

About the pattern 

The Lodi sweater is a very feminine, contemporary and even slightly sporty sweater. The pattern is tailored for use with french terry and ribbed knit of See You at Six.
The pattern pieces for the ribbing are based on 80% - 75% of the sleeve and neck holes to obtain ideal stretch.

This pattern is an online/digitally created pattern, done by a web service:
+ You don’t need to choose the right pattern size nor adjust it, it’s completely custom generated for you!
+ You no longer need to choose or follow dotted lines on the papers nor to adjust a standard size of the pattern, it is completely custom-made.
+ Tracing the pattern on another paper is also history.
+ If you have a standard size, or you do not have anyone around to measure you, you can still select standard body measurements on the website to have the pattern created.
+ You can also choose yourself the seam allowance for the pattern, for example to easily sew along the side of your sewing foot.
+ The A4 pages (with or without print margins) can then be printed out, compiled and cut out. Generating on 1 page is possible, but this page is NOT an A0 format.

Because it is a pattern for a butterfly sweater you need to take into account:
* if you put your arms in the air, the sweater will rise a bit at the belly. So for example as a teacher at the blackboard it might not be so useful.
* also if you want to wear a tight jacket over this sweater, it might hinder a little under the arms
* the pattern parts of the bodice (they include the sleeves) can be quite wide. So be sure to buy fabric that is wide enough.

Considerations and attention points before starting:
• Before buying the fabric, generate a pattern and open the PDF to estimate how many fabric you will need.
• Because of their highly variable body sizes, no real cutting diagram can be provided. This is something you need to check.


1. Your body measurements, measured by someone else. (this will also be explained in the instructions document)
2. A stretch needle
3. Matching yarn
4. All your usual sewing material
5. A smile
6. A date at six o’clock to show your creation
7. Fabric, preferably french terry or sweat fabric + ribbing: generate the pattern and open the PDF-file to estimate how many fabric you will need.

An estimation for the needed fabric:

Size French
32 120 cm 50 cm
34 130 cm 50 cm
36 130 cm 50 cm
38 140 cm 55 cm
40 140 cm 55 cm
42 150 cm 55 cm
44 150 cm 60 cm
46 150 cm 65 cm
48 150 cm 65 cm
50 160 cm 90 cm
52 160 cm 90 cm
54 160 cm 90 cm
56 160 cm 100 cm
58 160 cm 100 cm
60 160 cm 100 cm
62 160 cm 100 cm
Little Ladies
(length in
French Terry
92 80 cm 25 cm
98 80 cm 25 cm
104 80 cm 30 cm
110 90 cm 30 cm
116 90 cm 30 cm
122 90 cm 35 cm
128 100 cm 35 cm
134 100 cm 35 cm
140 100 cm 35 cm
146 110 cm 35 cm
152 110 cm 35 cm
158 110 cm 40 cm
164 120 cm 50 cm
170 120 cm 50 cm